"Back Country Bound"
For the love of Adventure and Dual Sport riding.

About Us

We are an evolving not for profit organization of friends and fellow riders who enjoy the freedom of adventure and Dual Sport riding in the Pacific North West.
We offer Adventure and Dual Sport riding events in the month of July.

Our Founder

Bill McDonald

In 2005, founder Bill McDonald organized a 4 day adventure ride through NW Washington.
Bill’s inception was the inspiration and the birth of NWADVR.

Thank you for the kick start Bill!

Dan Noyes (MY ADV)

Senior Lead Organizer

Dan has carried on with Bills inception and aspirations of Adventure riding and has expanded NWADVR to even greater heights.  NWADVR now offers events for the whole off highway motorcycle community.

Our Volunteers

Dedicated volunteers are hard to come by;  and our current staff of over achievers have dedicated their spare time to make sure each event is greater than the last.

Kevin T.

Lead Organizer and Scouter

Kevin has been with NWADVR for many years now.  He is one of our core volunteers who always has the time to help out whenever needed.  Kevin works hard behind the scenes on the routes, and works the earth to make sure your NWADVR ride experience is flaw less.

Support Staff

Logistics and All that is Important

Lana and John have been volunteers with NWADRV for over a year now and they continue to support us in every aspect.  They have been instrumental in the logistics of getting your camping gear to camp and meal planning.  This couple has gone well beyond just that.  They have contributed to NWADVR in meetings and have help shape what NWADRV is today.  And if that isn’t enough, they are also scouting routes for this year’s events.

Brad K. (The Enforcer)

Team Member and Scouter

Brad is our newest member at NWADVR.  Brad has participated in past NWADVR events and he now wants to get involved behind the scenes.  Here is a bit a trivia about Brad.  Brad was the only rider to ride all three events for 2017.

Our Riders and Guests

Thank you.

It’s all about you.  NWADVR wants to share its passion of off highway riding with you.  All we can say is… THANK YOU!

Are you interested in helping NWADVR?  We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to help us with our events.

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